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Hi!  I'm Thomas and I am the owner and Lead Wedding Photographer.  I am honored that you stopped by!   

If  you want to get to know me then you need to know what drives me. To start I need you to know that I am madly in love with my wife Danielle.  We met in high school in 1994 and have been at each others side ever since. We were married in 1997 and have 2 amazing boys, 2 dogs ( Hercules and Princess), 2 cats ( Homie and Gronk) and a turtle ( Squirt) They are what lead me to be the best I can be,  and to chase after this dream.  We have lived in the Dunedin area the majority of our married life. I am a Philadelphia native that moved here in 1989 as a young teen, My photography started as a hobby as a young lad, and grew into a business the more  I learned and got older.  Photography is what I do full time. 


I love a good cup of coffee! 

I love Football, Baseball, and Hockey!   

I love animals!

I love a good laugh and Jeff Dunham is my favorite comedian.

I love a good sappy movie while holding hands with Danielle.

I play a mean guitar.

I can sing.

Country music is my go to.

My nickname since high school is "Big Dawg"

I will stay up late and then complain about getting up early.

I love my Mustang.

I believe everyone deserves second chances.  Sometimes third and fourth.

I believe in chasing your dreams.

I believe it is OK to fail.  That's where growth happens.

I love Canon gear

Every wedding I photograph reminds me of my own.

Rustic weddings and beach weddings are my jam! 

I love a romantic couple. 

First kisses are my favorite.

I love the detail that is put into an intricate wedding

I LOVE love.

I believe wedding photography should be affordable and attainable for EVERY couple

Fuzzy pickles is my go to phrase at any session.  It makes people laugh because it is so random!

I believe family comes before all else. 

I graduated college with an Associates Degree. Photography was my major. 

I've been described as professional, fun, resilient, relaxed, gentle, and patient.


The Team 

Abundant Grace Photography has a highly experienced, prolific, fun and professional team that will help to make your wedding day experience memorable. Our team of photographers understand that your day is about you and your vision. Our team will work hard to fulfill that and meet your needs. 



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