Hi!  I'm Thomas and I am the owner and Lead Wedding Photographer!  I believe every couple should have quality, affordable wedding photography. 


To get to know me there are a few things we need to cover right off the bat. To start I need you to know that I am madly in love with my wife Danielle.   We met in high school in 1994 and have been at each others side ever since. We wed in 1997 and have 2 amazing kids and 2 lovable dogs named Brik and Georgia. We have lived in the Dunedin area the majority of our lives. I am a Philadelphia native that moved here in 1989 and she was born in Florida.  


I love a good cup of coffee! 

I love a good wedding! 

I love Football, Baseball, and Hockey!  

Beautiful weddings are my favorite!!

Growing up in the north that's how I related the seasons. 

I love animals!

I love romantic weddings!! 

I love a good laugh and Jeff Dunham is my favorite comedian.

I love a good sappy movie while holding hands with Danielle.

Every wedding I shoot reminds me of my own!

I play a mean guitar.

I can sing.

Country music is my go to.

Rustic weddings remind me of where I grew up!

I will stay up late and then complain about getting up early.

I love my Mustang.

I believe everyone deserves second chances.  Sometimes third and fourth.

I believe in chasing your dreams.

I believe it is OK to fail.  That's where growth happens.

I LOVE love.

Fuzzy pickles is my go to phrase at a family session.  It makes the kids laugh!

I believe family comes before all else. 

I graduated with an Associates Degree majoring in Photography.

I've been described as professional, fun, resilient, relaxed, gentle, and patient.


The Team 

Abundant Grace Photography is a one of a kind team.  We want to make your photographic experience memorable. Whether that be a wedding or a family session. We have a team of photographers that can meet your needs. 


 Elizabeth:   Elizabeth is an Associate Photographer. She graduated college with Thomas and holds a degree in photography. They have been photographing weddings together since 2011.


Nicole:  Nicole is an Associate Photographer. She is part of our Georgia team. She has been photographing weddings and families with Thomas since 2012


Jessica: Jessica is an Associate Photographer:  She specializes in Newborn & Maternity 


Timothy:  Tim is an Assistant during weddings and E Sessions.

Brandon: Brandon is a book designer and Family Session Assistant.


Danielle: Web site management, book design and administration.

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