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Sometimes we need to take a step back.

As a photographer that mainly shoots weddings in Tampa, Clearwater, and St Petersburg Florida, I don’t often have time to relax and shoot images of things I enjoy, other than people.  Dont get me wrong I like shooting people ( pun intended) but as a wedding photographer sometimes I get wrapped up in the craziness of the wedding industry that I forget that I enjoy other types of photography as well.   I love nature.  I REALLY love City scape and architecture. They help me to refine my eye and give me a creative outlet when sometimes I need to focus on something other than people.    On a recent couples session at Crews Lake Wilderness Park in Spring Hill  we ended a little early,  and as a result I was able to capture some pretty cool nature shots. A storm was rolling in across the lake and I walked out onto the boardwalk and snagged some pretty cool images.    One of the images is actually 27 snaps merged together in Photoshop as a panoramic.  The other two were from the dock as the storm was coming in.   One from the perspective of looking out over the lake where in the distance you can see rain.  The other from just turning around and looking back towards land and how the sun was still shining.   Florida weather is pretty neat.

The other sets of images are from a recent photowalk I did with a colleague at John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor Florida.   These images were great in color but I wanted to give them some drama and vintage feel.  Running these through a few Photoshop filters and turning them black and white gave me exactly what I wanted.

In reality there is beauty all around us.  We as people just need to stop, take a breath and enjoy it.  We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, work, family, friends, that we miss so much.   When not photographing a wedding I prefer to be out and about with my camera just looking for interesting things that catch my eye.   I love being a wedding photographer but it isn’t what made me fall in love with photography.   Photography is about capturing beauty in all forms whether people, buildings, nature or other.  Being able to tell a story through amazing images.  THAT is what made me fall in love with photography.   The ability to tell a story in an image.  Kind of where the phrase “an image speaks a thousand words” comes into play.    Thank you all for stopping by.  Enjoy these images!   If you know someone looking for photography please remember to send them our way!

A storm is coming

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