• Thomas Gillman

guys!! Guys!! GUYS!!

This post is about the guys!! Did you guess that though?? One of our favorite times of the day as your affordable Tampa wedding photographers is when we get to spend time with our grooms and their honorees. The guys don't always get as much attention as the bride does and in this day and age, our guys are just as involved, and just as important as the girls. They spend quite a bit of time in the planning process and are much more involved than in years past. I currently have one groom taking care of all the planning for his future spouse and that is awesome! So.. why not spend some time and feature them as well!

A lot of our guys like to spend the day with their wedding party playing games, having drinks and just being guys. We enjoy spending those moments with them and getting some great candid images as well as some great before ceremony portraits. We will line them up by a nice window and get some great light or we will take them outside or to another well lit area to get some pretty great images.

This is also a great time to get some great group images. As long as they're dressed and ready to go it is the perfect time and saves from the images we will need to get after ceremony. When doing these we love to get images of the group to include a serious, a smile and of course.. gotta have some fun.. We may just ask them to hit a muscle pose or some Backstreet Boy.

This post is to honor our guys! They're important. They deserve some great images from your favorite Tampa wedding photographers too. We do that!!

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