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November is a time to be thankful

As we continue rolling in our fall season, entering November it reminds me of how truly blessed we are.  When I say we,  I really mean not just myself but my whole team here at Abundant Grace Photography   We have the joy of doing what we love on a daily basis.  We get to serve the people.  We get to make memories of some of the most important days and people in your life.  Im not just sayng that.  We really are honored.  So lets meet the team.   When you call Abundant Grace Photography you may get a voicemail message.  Not because im ignoring you but becasue I am legitimately busy.  This is my full time career and im either shooting, editing, meeting with clients or couples.  Sometimes I even make deliveries.  If you do get my voicemail LEAVE A MESSAGE!!!!  I or one of my staff will call you back.  My office administrator Danielle ( whom I’ve been wonderfully married too for the last 20 years) is amazing and if you dont get a call from me,  you most likely will hear from her.    She will get information from you like your date, your venue location.  She can go over pricing and answer any questions you may have.

Next on my team are my photographers.   I am your main photographer.   Unless requested otherwise I am the guy that comes and shoots your event, or portraiture. When we shoot weddings often it is requested of us to have multiple photographers.   Elizabeth and Nicole fill those roles for me.  Elizabeth and I have been shooting weddings together since 2011.  We also went to college together.  In the event that Elizabeth cant be there with me Nicole is my next shooter.  Nicole and I have known each other close to 20 years.  She also owns her own Videography company known as Jones Videography,  and we have done over 75 weddings together in the last 7 years.   Its very important that your wedding day teams have worked together.  It helps with the flow of your day. It keeps you calm in knowing that they’ve got you covered.  Trust me when I say theres nothing worse than an a photographer and videographer fighting over space and shots.  We work hard to make the day about our couples.  Not about ourselves.

I also have assistants that come with me occasionally.  TJ and Brandon will carry the bags and assist wherever needed.  Sometimes holding a light, watching for cars, just doing whatever is needed.  Brandon loves being the go to guy for family sessions where there are children.  You’ll find him chatting with the kids about games etc.  Making it an easier shoot as he can engage with them.  Tj is Nicoles second shooter for video.

There you have it!   The current Abundant Grace team.   We are thankful for you.  Our clients, for giving us the chance to serve you since 2008.  We are blessed!

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