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A little down time is good for the soul

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

I love wedding photography.  The butterflies, the romance, the first kiss.   Even the crazy aunt or uncle or super stressed out sister.   Those are all things that make me grin on a wedding day.   I love the buzz and nervousness of the bride and groom.   I love the protections of the bridemaids making sure we get this shot or that.  Making sure every detail is just right.  The fun and relaxed nature of 90% of grooms that are just thrilled they are getting to marry their sweethearts.   I’ve shot hundreds of weddings now over the 11 years I have been doing wedding photography professionally. They’re all different but in many aspects they are the same.  Florida weddings, and Florida wedding photography has a neat caveat in that we do a lot of beach weddings, and with that,  beach wedding photography.  We get amazing sunsets and amazing sunset photographs of our couples.   I love every single second of it.  There does come some times however when we need to put our wedding photography hat on the shelf for just a little while. We re-charge our batteries and get inspiration by moving away from being wedding photographers, to just being.

Florida wedding photography differs than most of the country.  Our summers get hot and they get humid.   We’ve photographed more than one beach wedding where our couple, after even just a few minutes has asked us to go inside and to continue their wedding photography there.  So with that being said, being a Tampa wedding photographer, our summer is our slow season and it gives me the chance to indulge in some personal work.   A year or so ago Danielle ( my lovely bride of over 21 years), our kids, and our best friends had the opportunity to take a small get away to Tennessee. We visited Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  Stopped at Tallulah Gorge on the way and even hung out for a few moments at one of the Smokey Mountain overlooks.    I was able to take some nature photographs, landscape photography, however you want to classify it, of the mountains and our adventure around those two beautiful areas. Please take a moment and enjoy some images from our trip!   We can get personal with your wedding photographer right?

As always, thank you for stopping by.   If you need any kind of wedding photography, family photography please keep us in mind. We are based in the Clearwater-Dunedin Florida area yet serve all over.  We preserve the memories so you can live them.

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