• Thomas Gillman

Ybor Senior session

As a photographer here in Tampa Bay I get to meet and shoot some amazing people.  I do a lot of weddings, but I also get to photograph families.  From those families sometimes I get the honor and privelage of photographing monumental times in the lives of special people.  Meet Dasha.   She is a high school senior at East Lake High School in Palm Harbor.  Dasha is a walking miracle!  Last year she was involved in a boating accident that damaged her leg and ankle.   She had the courage to power through her injuries and through perserverance and will power is doing well and great today. She is walking and playing football to the amazement of everyone around her.   Our shoot happened in Ybor City which is a part of East Tampa. It’s a historic part of Tampa and offers a lot of brick structure.  We were close to the old Don Vincente Hotel which is a landmark in Ybor.  I was blessed to be able to photograph this awesome girl.  Please enjoy previewing these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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