• Thomas Gillman

Why are you so cheap?!?! Wait... What??

We are your affordable Tampa Bay wedding photographers! We serve all over this area as well as nationwide! We recently dropped our pricing to an insane level and we have been getting this question. Why are we so cheap.. well.. first.. Lets squash that. We aren't "cheap". We're affordable. The word cheap by definition is: costing very little; relatively low in price. Costing little labor or trouble. Charging low prices. Of little account; of small value; mean; shoddy.Embarrassed; sheepish Now the word affordable means to be priced to be within ones financial means. That is our goal.. to be attainable. You want amazing images..and we want amazing couples. We aren't cheap.. We are AFFORDABLE. There is a difference. You may look at the cost and say hey.. that's cheap but when you look at THE WORK you'll realize that its anything but..Cost is not what cheapens the work.. The work is what cheapens it. Dont just look at the cost. Look at the quality.

Last year we were charging $3500 a wedding. We would get inquiries and people would love the work..but their pocket books would dictate otherwise. On more than one occasion we got the dreaded " We love your work but we cannot afford you" email. We were beyond their means. We came to a decision at the end of 2019. We wanted to be truly accessible to any couple... No.. To EVERY couple. Why shouldn't everyone have phenomenal photographs of their wedding day and have that accessible to them? Honestly.. I couldn't have afforded myself if I were asked to photograph my own wedding.. and it shouldn't be that way.

Its a very unpopular decision. I've gotten a lot of push back from other photographers saying im devaluing myself. Saying i'm pulling down the industry.. but you know what.. I love what I do.. I want you in front of my camera.. so am I devaluing myself? Yes... but i'm doing so to place MORE value on those amazing couples that deserve GREAT wedding photography that otherwise couldn't pay what we were asking before. We still give 110% for our couples. The editing is still on point and the service is still superb. We're just now more reachable than we have been in the last 5 years. To us the fact that we can serve you.. is not cheap. You cant put a price tag on that.

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