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Hey guys! Its been a couple of weeks since your Award Winning Wedding Photographer has put out a blog. Being a Tampa Wedding Photographer that offers crazy Affordable Wedding Photography keeps me pretty busy and I must say thank you for that. I've been very retrospective and thinking about this upcoming year.

I had a conversation with a very good friend and colleague recently where he asked some hard questions. We were talking about why we do what we do. Why do we take photographs? Why do we purpose ourselves as Wedding Photographers? The tougher questions being when did what we do become all about the money? If we love what we do shouldn't we want EVERYONE that can be..be in front of our lens? How do we do that? Then he asked me Thomas.. Who are you? That was a hard one. My first answer was.. a photographer!! His reply was..no..that's WHAT you are.. not who you are.. and that got me really thinking.. Who am I ..and why do I do what I do. Say that fast 5 times!

The answers to those questions took me a while..and I'm still working on “ who” I am because every answer I come up with can be answered with.. “that's WHAT you are..” So.. the other question.. Why do I do what I do. First. I love people. Being a wedding photographer has rewarded me in so many ways. Yes I get paid to do this but I also get to share in some of the most wonderful and important days of peoples lives. I love seeing the smiles. I love seeing the eyes of a bride light up when they talk about their future with this person they love so much. It reminds me of the way my wife looks at me.. and that's special. I love being there for the first kiss and the happy tears from the parents and family. I love listening to stories about how you met your one and only, and how they proposed. I love laughing with you. I love love..and I love sharing that with my couples.

Wedding photography has also made valuable friendships. I'm the first some people call when they need family portraits, maternity or senior sessions..and why? Because they know what they're going to get. Someone who cares. Someone who loves what they do, and someone that will serve them.

This upcoming year we want to put our focus back on serving. We want to put our hands to the plow and photograph as many weddings and people as we can. We want to get back to the roots of why we do what we do.. and that's to serve and to love the people through our photos. We want to be more affordable. We want to be more attainable. We want to be able to serve that couple that's just starting out and cant afford a $3000 wedding photographer. We want to be able to serve that family that wants high quality but is working on a budget. More importantly we are tired of the horror stories from couples that hired someone “ cheap” and got messed over or their photographer flaked. Keep an eye out. Our pricing structure is changing for the upcoming year to reflect our desires to photograph you. You want high quality at affordable cost. We got you. We will make this decision easy for you. We want to be able to serve the brides on a $500 budget just as well as those on a $50,000 and why not? $500 budgets deserve high quality too!

So to answer part of the question.. “ who are you?” I'm someone that cares. I'm someone that serves and i'm someone that feels like everyone deserves nice things that don't need to cost an arm and a leg. We want to be your Affordable Tampa Wedding Photographers.

If you know someone getting married. Please send them our way. We would love to be able to put them in front of our cameras on their special day. They deserve excellence. We expect nothing less. A few photos to add to this post!

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