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Its ok.. Take the picture. Its worth it.

Good Monday morning!   I’ve been scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning and have noticed a few things.   First this blog entry is going to be one from my heart.   My thoughts per say.  There have been some people who have passed recently.   My heart goes out to them but one of the things ive seen on a couple of the posts have been ” man.. I wish I had more pictures…”   It got me to thinking.. Why wouldn’t they have more?   Well.. part of the answer is simple.  They don’t have pictures because the people they wish were in more…. dont like the way they look.   Being a photographer I’ve heard it countless times from countless people.  ” I hate my chin!”  ” My arms are flabby”  ” my legs are huge”  Whatever the reason.   See.. here’s the thing.  20 years from now… 30 years from now.  When you look back, or other people look back,  you’re going to wish that you looked the way you do right now. They want to remember you the way you look.. right now..  With the things you see as imperfections…because its YOU.   The people that may be celebrating your life aren’t going to care about your chin.  Theyre not going to care about the size of your arms.  They just want to see YOU.   Society has taken the importance of individuality and turned it into ” you have to look this way or that way”.  We as people have placed more importance on appearance than the actual person themselves.   We’ve lost sight of the importance of memories and placed it on the importance of make up and Botox.   You missed that great family shot at the zoo because you hate that you have a dad bod…   really?   Do your kids care?   Ummmmm….

I want my kids to have great memories of me.  I want them to remember how I looked the day me and their mom renewed our vows…  and bring a small tear to their eye.  I want them to see the trips to the space center and me in the image with my great big smile and balded head.  Do i have flaws?  Absolutely..Do I care?   Not anymore.  Because it’s not about my own self centered image of myself.  It’s about the image and memories of how THEY remember me.  Its important.   Youre amazing the way you are..   Ask them.. They’ll tell you.  Take the picture.  Its worth it.

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