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Don't skip the E Session!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Just because we are affordable wedding photographers doesn't mean we hold back or offer less than our most expensive counter parts. See.. Just last year we were the $3500 wedding photographers that offered the world. Well..now we are your affordable wedding photographers ..and we still offer the world. So why the change? Well.. I am forever seeing many couples post things on social media like.. We love their work but we cannot afford them, .. and I have gotten emails saying the same.. and a few things happen. They hire an inexperienced photographer for a very cheap price or they have a friend do it for free. Both of which are very high risk when it comes to your wedding photos. I've had upset couples call me and tell me they wished they'd had hired me. I've seen the photos and frankly..I wish they had hired me too. I mean I wouldn't trust my next door neighbor who is a data entry clerk to re wire my house.. You get what I'm saying? A professional photographer is worth it. Especially when it comes to your wedding. At the end of the day your images are all you have left. We decided that we wanted to offer high quality photography to everyone. We wanted to be accessible. Could we charge more? Absolutely! Have we charged more? Oh yes!! But we took ourselves out of reach to a lot of people that way and well... the stories of couples not having great memories on their wedding day moved me. So here we are. Tampa wedding photographers that offer award winning images at an affordable cost. We want you in front of our cameras. We love what we do and our clients are simply the best and are very well deserving of that as well. So we made it an easy decision for you. Affordable and high quality wrapped into one awesome package.

One of the things we do offer in our 2 collections we advertise is an E Session, or engagement session. We offer these pretty much anywhere in the state of Florida. We have traveled all over to include South Florida, Tampa , St Augustine, Jacksonville... you get my point.. Whatever it takes to get beautiful images for our couples and clients.

An engagement session is beneficial for many reasons.. and its complimentary so TAKE ADVANTAGE!! An engagement session gives me the opportunity to first and foremost.. work with you. Not everyone interacts the same, looks the same or photographs the same. This is important. Knowing how my couples interact gives me great insight into how they will interact on their wedding day.Knowing how you interact with each other takes a lot of awkwardness out of the wedding day session. We learn what works and what doesn't, and how to position you to get the best results. It gives us the opportunity to learn together to get the best for you.

It also gives you the chance to work with me and see how I work, get to know my personality and how I photograph. You're going to be spending quite a bit of time with us on your day and knowing us and how we work will make your day run smoothly. You'll be more relaxed as we've already worked together and even better.. You get some pretty rocking images out of it. Sounds simply amazing right?!?!

So.. should you do an E Session? YES!!! I highly recommend it. A lot of our couples use the E Session images for save the dates or invitations. I've even designed sign-in books for the wedding day. I fully encourage and LOVE engagement sessions.

Our 8 hour $1300 collection and our 6 hour $1100 collection both come with a complimentary E Session. Please take advantage of us!! :) You wont regret it.

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