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As the rain falls...

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Abundant Grace Photography blog! Grab a coffee cup and come on in! As I'm sitting here watching the rain fall, listening to the breeze blow against the house, the thunder rumbling by...I go back and remember. I day dream.. Yes there is plenty of work to be done.. but sometimes I think back on some of the weddings I have had the honor of capturing. Every wedding is great. Every wedding has its emotions and its epic moments. The way He looks at his bride when he sees her coming down the aisle. The laughter that erupts when a vow is misquoted. The before ceremony jitters where you check the mirror 8,456 times to make sure everything is perfect. Those moments are awesome. We want to be, and are honored to be the ones you've chosen to capture those for you. We are wedding photographers. We focus on wedding photography. We are Tampa wedding photographers. We are Clearwater wedding photographers. You know what... We are nationwide wedding photographers. Its a huge accomplishment to be able to say we have, and are willing to travel all over the USA to photograph your wedding. We love weddings but I think I have said that before!

Today's memories brought this couple to mind. This is a throwback wedding that I am happy to share with you all. Meet Austin and Whitney. When I fist met them I KNEW the wedding day was going to be awesome. They were fun and so excited to get married. My kind of couple!!! I was over the moon when they were telling me about their day and I could not wait. Lets reminisce together shall we!

The wedding day began with Elizabeth and I photographing their getting ready time. Austin was getting ready at a local Dunedin hotel and Whitney was getting ready at home. I personally love details. They tell their own story and I love that. They do say that its all in the details no? We photographed getting dressed. We photographed the playful banter between the groomsmen. We took images of the ladies doing hair and make up. We even got some pictures of the dog and cat. And the llamas. Yep. Llamas. The bride LOVE Llamas and has a collection. Its AWESOME!!

The Ceremony was held at St Andrews Memorial Chapel in Dunedin. Its a quaint little chapel that has significant US history. If you haven't heard of it or know about it I would encourage you to look it up and do some reading. It has wooden pews and floors. The acoustics are amazing. If you ever get the chance to visit make sure you ask about the one roof truss that is left unfinished. If you've been there and never noticed it I would encourage you to ask. Their Ceremony was fantastic. It was full of laughs and smiles and some tears. After the ceremony they did a grand exit from the Chapel highlighted by a kiss on the top steps. Formal time was shot inside and outside. One of the things we love to do is bring our off camera lighting to get some really great image inside the Chapel. They also come in handy for sunset. After our time at the Chapel we went to Bon Apetit in Dunedin. Its a great restaurant and event venue right by Dunedin Marina. When we got there we scurried to their dock out back just as the sun was setting and fired off some sunset images.

The reception was rocking. Josh Brown and his wife Christy from ML Mobile Productions was our DJ team. They kept everyone on the dance floor the whole night. It was a great day for sure!

Thank you again for stopping by! We are your Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg award winning wedding photographers. We would love it if you referred us along!

We capture the memories so you can live them!

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