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A cute New Hope wedding!

There is so much more to what we do than just being awesome Tampa Wedding Photographers! We are also business owners and being such gives us the opportunity to be your affordable wedding photographers. Look. We understand budgets! We operate on one in my house too and being able to customize something that works within your budget makes us happy. You get amazing pictures and we get you in front of our cameras. Its a win – win situation! People always say you get what you pay for.. but what if you get BETTER than what your paying for. We want you in front of our camera..because we love what we do.. and when you love what you do.. you provide opportunities for that to happen. Kristen and Reggie were referred over to us by some Pastor friends of ours and we were more than excited to serve them. We came up with a custom collection for them and we were so honored to be able to do so! The wedding was held at New Hope Church in Palm Harbor and presided over by Pastor Nick Panico. Formal images were split between inside the church and outside the church on the grounds. The reception was held in the Fellowship Hall. When first meeting this amazing couple we realized that Kristen and my wife shared the same maiden name. No relation unfortunately but still pretty cool none the less. Reggie is an auto mechanic that works at a local shop. When we met we talked family and cars. I knew right away that this couple was pretty amazing and I was just as excited for their wedding as they were. Please take a moment to peruse a handful of their images. :) Remember. Quality photography should not be so expensive that you have to mortgage your house. We enjoy serving and will work with you the best we can to provide that.

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